Department of Urban and Regional Planning

The Department of Urban and Regional Planning is committed to providing leadership in the field of planning through education, research, scholarship, and community engagement. Our mission is to prepare planning professionals and researchers for national and global practice by promoting the ideals of social responsibility, sustainability, equity, diversity, and public service.

The Changing Face of Urban Planning:    And the Need for Just Environments

How does planning policy relate to the needs of diverse communities? What do planners need to know about transportation planning for diversity and inclusion? What steps can planners take to recognize diversity and resilience in their communities?   
Tuesday, September 29 from 5:30 - 6:30 pm -    Find out more and  join here.


Lilah Besser, PhD
National Institute on Aging Awardee

Dr. Lilah Besser, Assistant Professor at the School of Urban and Regional Planning and I-HEALTH, has been awarded a National Institute on Aging career development award (NIA K01), totaling $632,070 over 5 years.

Historic Preservation
Historic Preservation in Pearl City

Retired planner Charles Graves is leading a historic preservation project in the 100-year-old community of Pearl City in Boca Raton.

Newly Published Research Analyzes Crash Frequency

Dibakar Saha, Ph.D., and Eric Dumbaugh, Ph.D. co-authored a new research article that analyzed three years of crash data to model frequency. The article, “Application of the Poisson-Tweedie distribution in analyzing crash frequency data”, appears in the Elsevier journal Accident Analysis & Prevention (Vol. 137, March 2020).