The Department of Urban and Regional Planning (URP) has partnered with the College of Engineering to provide off-campus access to a “Virtual Lab” of computers. This virtual lab provides students with remote access to URP software applications and network resources.

Instructions on Accessing the Virtual Lab

  1. Browse to
  2. Select the correct operating system for your download


  3. For Example if your are on a Windows computer click to expand and select the latest version


  4. Click Download for the latest version


  5. Start the installation wizard


  6. Do NOT Enable single sign-on. Click Install

  7. After Installation is successful select Add Account

  8. You may or may not be prompted to restart your computer

  9. After restart you get the Add Account Prompt. Enter APPS.FAU.EDU

  10. Click Add


  11. Log in again with your NETID and password

  12. Select GPU Desktop


  13. Your Virtual Desktop will load and you are ready to go


  14. Now that you’re all setup, the next time you want to access the SURP Virtual Desktops you just need to launch the Citrix Workspace App and login in.

If you have any issues connecting you the virtual desktop send an email to: