West Palm Beach Aerial
August 10, 2022

The new Engineering Research Center for Smart Streetscapes (CS3) will be supported for five years with $26 million; renewable for an additional five years, for a total of up to $52 million. The ERC program is NSF’s flagship...

The Rail Theory of Everything
April 14, 2022

 In "The Rail Theory of Everything" part two, John Renne, Ph.D., comments on the "jobs/housing balance" of transit-oriented development. The article by Sean Keyes appeared on 3/24/22 in The Currency an online publication...

Supporting the SDGs: Rethinking the Role of Streets in the Climate-adapted City
January 06, 2022

Rethinking street space offers an opportunity to tie climate mitigation and climate adaptation together to accomplish multiple community goals. The Taylor & Francis’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Online website now...

renne journal interview
August 25, 2021

John L. Renne of Florida Atlantic University and David Listokin of Rutgers University were interviewed by the journal, Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives, about their article “Transit-oriented development...

Adaptation Urbanism and Resilient Communities
May 04, 2021

Adaptation Urbanism and Resilient Communities: Transforming Streets to Address Climate Change by Billy Fields and John Renne will be released by Taylor & Francis. The book outlines adaptation urbanism as a theoretical framework...

Natural Hazard Review's Most Downloaded Article
February 22, 2021

An article co-authored by John Renne, Ph.D., in Natural Hazards Review, "Traffic Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Statewide Analysis of Social Separation and Activity Restriction,” has become the most downloaded paper...

January 13, 2021

Funding will be utilized on a project with FAU’s Center for Urban and Environmental Studies that uses immersive technology to engage the North End community, schools, and decision-makers on the topic of sea-level rise to...

July 28, 2020

Protecting South Florida: A Discussion of Sea Level Rise, Property and Regional Planning, aims to help local governments protect the region’s real property, valued at more than $833 billion.