Welcome to the Environmental Science Program

The Environmental Science Program at FAU is an applied interdisciplinary field that focuses on human-caused problems, mostly in aquatic systems. Together with the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute (HBOI) and the Center for Environmental Studies (CES), the ES Program forms one of FAU's four Research Pillars

In the ES Program, we focus on aquatic systems because this is where a great strength of our faculty lies and because of FAU’s proximity to the Everglades and coral reef ecosystems. Faculty in the ES Program reside in many participating colleges and departments, including Biological Sciences, Geosciences, Chemistry, Philosophy, Economics, Engineering, and Urban and Regional Planning.

In recognition of the breadth of the Environmental Science field, the ES Program is based on a broad curriculum that gives students the flexibility to select courses, in consultation with their advisor, that are optimum for their particular subdiscipline. This flexible approach allows students to master the specialized skills needed for competitive jobs and advanced graduate degree programs.