Environmental Science News

ES Students Present at 2017 Environmental Science Retreat


Environmental Science students presented their work at the 2017 Environmental Science Retreat, co-sponsored by the Environmental Science Program and the Center for Environmental Studies. Daniel Alempijevic won First Place and Emilie Kohler won Second Place awards for poster presentations of their Master's Thesis research. Each will receive $500 toward travel to a scientific conference. Erin Binkley and Tasso Cocoves tied for the First Place Award for poster presentations of their thesis research Proposals, and will each receive $50 toward membership in a professional society.

Dr. Beth Middleton, U.S. Geological Survey, Speaks at 2017 Environmental Science Retreat

Dr. Beth Middleton, a renowned research ecologist with the Wetland and Aquatic Research Center, U.S. Geological Survey in Lafayette, Louisiana, was the keynote speaker at the 2017 Environmental Science Retreat. In her talk, “Whole river solutions to climate and land-use problems” she provided insight into how whole river approaches can solve environmental problems on floodplains, and how wetland restoration has been complicated by land-use and climate change. Her book "Wetland restoration, flood pulsing and disturbance dynamics" received the Merit Award of the Society of Wetland Scientists. She has worked with managers around the world to determine large scale causes of environmental problems, and potential solutions (i.e., Whole River Approaches). Learn More>

ES Student Sarah Huff is 2016 Florida Sea Grant Scholar

Sarah Huff is earning her master’s degree in Environmental Science at FAU, where she is studying the effects of Sphaeroma terebrans, a tiny but highly destructive, mangrove-boring isopod that causes extensive damage to the prop roots of red mangroves. Learn More>

ES Students Win Recognition for Research in 2016

Environmental Science Master's thesis students Ashley Jackson won second place and Jenna May won third place for their poster presentations at the 2016 meeting of the Florida Wildlife Society

At the FAU Environmental Science Retreat, ES students Lisa Reger won first place place and Daniel Hagood won second place for their poster presentations.