Promotion and Tenure

Please review the University Guidelines.

Departmental Promotion and Tenure Criteria

Candidates for Promotion and Tenure should consult the guidelines and criteria for P&T developed by their department, listed below. These documents are also listed on departmental websites. 

For a third-year review, candidates should review the college general guidelines for the third-year review of tenure-track faculty given below.

Charles E. Schmidt College of Science general guidelines for 3rd-year review of tenure-track faculty

  1. A comprehensive 3rd-year review of the progress towards promotion and tenure shall take place of all tenure-track faculty in the Charles E. Schmidt College of Science. In addition to the College guidelines, each department/division must have their own written guidelines to be used in the evaluation process.

  2. A candidate for the 3rd-year review will produce a portfolio describing their achievements and accomplishments since their appointment to Florida Atlantic University using the University Tenure and Promotion Portfolio Preparation as a guide.

  3. Specifically, it is expected that the review portfolio will comprise:
    • A short c.v. containing a list of courses taught (and developed), published papers, participation at conferences, grant applications, and service since joining FAU.

    • A self-evaluation.

    • A general outline of future work and plans.

    • An in-class evaluation of teaching carried out by a senior faculty member.

    • Table of student assessments of teaching, i.e., the rating of instructor.

    • Copies of Departmental activity reports.

    • Copies of Departmental annual assessments, performance evaluations, and statements on progress towards tenure.

    • A copy of the department/division criteria for the 3rd year review.

  4. The candidate's portfolio will be reviewed by the following:
    • The tenured faculty in the candidate's department/division.
    • The College Promotion and Tenure Committee.
    • After consideration by the department/division, the Chair/Director will append a letter to the portfolio that expresses the opinion of the faculty within the department/division concerning the progress of the candidate. The College Promotion and Tenure Committee will review all of the documentation and provide a report to the Dean of the College. The Dean will report to the candidate and their Chair/Director and provide whatever information and/or advice they feel is appropriate concerning the progress of the candidate towards promotion and tenure.

  5. Although the review of portfolios of the candidates will take place at the beginning of their 4th year, the review will be based on the progress during the candidate's initial three years. Candidates whose appointments began in the Spring semester, and who, therefore, completed their third year at the end of the Fall semester, will have their portfolios reviewed during the Fall semester of the following year. Appropriate adjustments will be made for faculty who were granted years towards tenure at the time of hire on a case by case basis.

  6. Except in unusual circumstances, the timetable to be followed is as follows:
    • In January the Dean will request the names of candidates whose 3rd-year review(s) is(are) due in the Fall from the Chair/Director of each department/division in the College.

    • The portfolios will be reviewed by the candidate's department/division and submitted to the Dean's Office, together with the letter from the Chair/Director, according to the College's timetable for tenure and promotion reviews, as set by the Dean.

    • The College Promotion and Tenure Committee will review the portfolios normally within two weeks of submission to the Dean's Office.

    • The College Promotion and Tenure Committee will report to the Dean immediately following their review(s).

  7. It is the responsibility of the Chair/Director to ensure that any candidate in their department/division is aware of and follows the procedures for completing the 3rd year review, as presented in the department/division and College guidelines, in an expeditious manner.