Student Services Welcomes New Assistant Director

The College of Science welcomes Mitchell Arthur, who joins Student Services and Advising as the Assistant Director of Science Advising and Continuing Education. Mitchell previously served as a Residential Education Area Coordinator at FAU Wilkes Honors College, in addition to a number of other former leadership roles and holding over ten years of experience in higher education. Mitchell will assist with Biology advising and support the advising staff.

Also, Mitchell is co-leading the college’s efforts on continuing education alongside Gina Jones, the Director of Pre-Health Advising and Programs. As co-lead of continuing education, Mr. Arthur will work towards developing certificate-based programs with the various departments in the college.

Mitchell also manages the college’s Soar in 4 Scholars Program, where he works closely with a cohort of high-achieving undergraduate students. Mr. Arthur will focus on this group of students to ensure they are successful at FAU and beyond, through opportunities such as mentorship with college leadership, research experiences, networking events, and so on.