Med Direct




The MED   DIRECT BS/MD Program at Florida Atlantic University is a collaborative effort between FAU’s College of Medicine and the College of Science.  This program is offered at the Boca Raton campus, enabling the two Colleges to create special opportunities for highly qualified undergraduate students.  Applicants should be high school seniors who demonstrate a strong interest in medicine, a high level of academic ability, a passion for service, and a commitment to volunteerism.  Students admitted into this program will be offered conditional admission to FAU’s College of Medicine, provided they successfully complete the program requirements and achieve a minimum qualifying MCAT score. Each student will work very closely with the program coordinator to develop an individual education plan and to ensure a smooth transition into the College of Medicine.

Application Deadline: January 10, 2020
Tel: 561-297-3040 

"Florida Atlantic University’s Med Direct program has given me the opportunity to pursue my career dream of becoming a physician. I chose this program because of the personalized support system and individualized care that this program offers. Within the first month, I have spoken with a team of advisors and mentors including President John Kelly, Dean Ross of the Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine, Dr. Rose, and other staff, who have shown their undeviating interest in my success. I also chose this program due to the unique opportunities that not many undergraduate students will have access to such as visiting the Gross Anatomy Lab, having a mentor from the medical school, and traveling to Jamaica on a pre-medical mission trip. After speaking with my advisors and learning more about the indispensable opportunities and priceless experiences that will be gained from my years here, I am most ecstatic to continue my journey through this program."

----Sarvika Bommakanti, Med Direct Student

“I remember the day that I was flying to another university and knowing that I would definitively select their BS/MD program, without realizing that fate and God had different plans for me. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that one interview for the Med Direct program, with Dr. Gary Rose, would change my steadfast decision. All in all, I chose FAU because of the welcoming atmosphere and faculty, along with their overall vision to not only succeed as a university but to make their students succeed exponentially as well. Through my short time here at FAU and the Med-Direct program, I’ve experienced an unparalleled support system of mentors and profound teaching techniques by professors that have made me certain that this is the right place for me. So that leaves me with only one question left for you: Why not FAU or the Med-Direct program?”

----Alisha Khambati, Med Direct Student

Program Highlights

  • Admission to undergraduate and medical education at the same time, as long as you successfully complete the program requirements.
  • High School finalists come to FAU in the spring of their senior year for an interview with the selection committee.
  • Mentoring from medical students and faculty in the College of Medicine.
  • Meaningful research, volunteer and medical experiences.
  • Multiple occasions to interact with the College of Medicine and the surrounding 9 hospitals in our hospital consortium.
  • Personal pre-medical advising throughout the entire undergraduate program.
  • Priority class registration.
  • If you change your mind and decide not to attend medical school, you still have great choices for an outstanding education!

Entry Requirements

  • Medical Pipelines online secondary application
  • Weighted high school GPA of at least 4.30
  • SAT score minimum: 1450/1490 (Old/New) or ACT composite score minimum: 33
  • Recommended but not required - one or more of the following SAT subject tests:
    • Math Level 2, Biology, Chemistry, Literature
  • Highly recommended but not required - experience with patient interaction
  • Satisfactory assessment, after interview, by the College of Medicine Admissions Committee
  • Supplemental Application with personal statement
  • Resume and Letter of Recommendation from high school counselor/teacher
  • U.S. Citizen or permanent resident status

Conditional admission* into FAU College of Medicine

  • National Merit Scholars and Finalists receive priority consideration
  • Minimum FAU GPA of 3.7 and MCAT of 510 required
  • Once promoted to the College of Medicine, students are subject to all requirements responsibilities, and privileges of all other medical students.

Program Overview

  • 7-8 years in Jupiter or Boca Raton (BS/MD)
  • Students may not enter the medical school in fewer than 3 years following their undergraduate matriculation absent specific and prior approved from the College of Medicine Admissions Committee after successful completion of an interview and other assessment
  • Pre-medical Residential Learning Community
  • Advising from freshman to senior year with pre-health advisor
  • Special workshops and lectures
  • Simulation center activities
  • Standardized Patient Program
  • Mentoring from medical students and faculty
  • Meaningful Research
  • Guaranteed Pre-Health Committee Interview and recommendation letter
  • Guaranteed Supplemental Instructor or Tutoring position (paid) with C.L.A.S.S Office
  • Electronic Pre-Medical portfolio
  • Interview preparation
  • Admission essay review
  • MCAT Prep course (optional)


Students accepted into MED DIRECT who submit their Housing contract and Housing and Residential Learning Community “RLC” application  before April 15 th   will be given priority on securing single rooms within the Pre-health RLC.  As single rooms are limited, preference will be given based on the date that the RLC application and housing contract are completed. Students who prefer double rooms or if there are no further single rooms available will be placed in a room with another Pre-Health RLC student.  There is a $100 non-refundable processing fee payable with the housing contract. Students must complete the housing contract and the LLC application in order to be considered for placement in housing.  If a student only completes the LLC application, they are not assigned housing.

*Expectations and Requirements for Promotion to the College of Medicine

In addition to the above requirements, students must complete an application for admission to the FAU's Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine (FAUCOM). The admissions process includes completing and submitting the following:

  1. Verified AMCAS application (including personal statement and letters of recommendation)
  2. Complete FAUCOM secondary application (emailed to you after FAUCOM receives your AMCAS primary application)
  3. Letter of recommendation from the Pre-Health Professions Committee
  4. Interview with College of Medicine Admissions Committee
  5. MCAT composite score minimum of 510
  6. Cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.7 and a science GPA of at least 3.5 (both determined by AMCAS)
  7. Completed applications must be submitted to AMCAS no later than October 15th.

All students will be interviewed by the Pipeline Committee to assess their personal readiness to start medical school.  Interviews will be scheduled after the primary and secondary applications (including letters of recommendation and MCAT scores) have been received by FAUCOM. As alternatives to promotion to the College of Medicine, the committee may, at its discretion, require the student to take an additional year of undergraduate or graduate preparation or to dismiss the student from the program.

Once promoted to the College of Medicine, students are subject to all requirements, responsibilities, and privileges as all other medical students.  Among the forms that must be completed prior to matriculation are 1) immunization form, 2) health form, 3) health/disability insurance forms, 4) Florida residency statement. All Florida residency documents must be submitted well before matriculation so that a residency determination can be made for tuition assessment. Students are eligible for the same types of financial assistance offered to all other medical students.