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Pre-Health Professions File: 2022 Cycle

**Please read the following information very carefully**

Click here if applying to the 2023 cycle and please self-enroll in the Canvas course.

General Information

A pre-health professions file is intended for students who wish to store their letters of recommendation until they are ready to apply to health professional schools. This does NOT include master’s/bridge program/PhD programs. Please seek an alternative letter service for application to these programs.

Our office will send a packet containing the letters in the student’s file to general pre-health application programs which include AMCAS and AACOMAS. Please note that we do NOT upload individual letters to specific schools. If this is something you are interested please seek an alternative letter service such as *Interfolio.

Our office offers two types of letter packets: a general letter packet and a committee letter packet. You must have an open file to begin collecting letters for either of these packets.

  • The general letter packet is just a composition of the letters of recommendation you have on file.
  • The committee letter packet consists of all of your individual letters as well as the letter the committee writes on your behalf.
  • You may also opt to have your letters sent as a general packet and choose to obtain and send a committee letter later on.

How to Open a File

The process for opening a file is the same whether you would like to obtain a general or committee letter packet. Please refer to the steps below:

1. Meet the GPA and credit hour requirements.

  • The minimum requirement is a 3.2 or higher.
  • You must have at least 60 credits.
  • We also strongly advise you to have shadowing experience or clinical observation in the healthcare field.

2. Completion of the waiver form. Download here.

  • Waiving your rights to see the letters is strongly recommended as medical schools prefer that you do NOT see them.
  • Once you waive your rights, you are at no point allowed to see your letters.
  • Please note that we only work with students who waive their rights to see the letters.
  • Email completed waiver form to

3. Your file is now open.

Once you meet the GPA and credit requirement and have submitted your waiver form, your file is considered opened.

  • You may begin having your evaluators send letters to
  • If you wish, you may send this evaluation form to your evaluators when you request a letter of recommendation. If your evaluator chooses to fill out this form, they MUST also include a formal letter of recommendation.
  • Please let your evaluators know that ALL letters must be on letterhead with a signature.
  • The minimum letters that are required by the office is between 3-4 letters.
  • The letters must be categorized as follows: 2 science letters, 1 from a health care professional (doctor, dentists, vet, etc.) and 1 from a non-science professor (arts, supervisor, employer, mentor, co-worker).