Pre-Health Professions File

The semester before you are ready to apply to professional school, stop by SE 308 to open a Pre-Health professions Office File.

Waiver Form (We highly recommend that you DO waive your right to look inside your file, as medical schools prefer you do not see your recommendation letters)

Evaluation Forms Note: These forms are for students that have opened a file already and are only appropriate for students applying to a Health Professions Graduate Program (Medical/Dental/Veterinary/pharmacy and other health professions).

You need a minimum of 2 evaluation forms filled out by PhD professors and returned directly from them to the Pre-Health Professions Office (SE 308) and a minimum of 1 filled out by a health care professional (doctor, dentist, vet, etc).

Note to Professors: Please write a letter to accompany the evaluation form. Feel free to check with the Pre-Health Professions Office to ensure that the student has signed a waiver form denying them access to their file. Please send evaluation forms/letters of recommendation directly to the Pre-Health Professions Office (SE 308).

Request for Pre-Health Professions Committee Meeting Form (Submit this form only AFTER you take your admissions exam (MCAT/DAT/PCAT/GRE/other), to SE 308.)
NOTE: You must complete all of the above before you may be granted a committee meeting.

Request to send recommendation letter/evaluation Packets Form

(Submit this form AFTER you receive supplemental (secondary applications), to SE 308)


NEW: COMING SOON: Advisestream (Electronic Pre-Health File)

Learn more about Advisestream here