Diversity and Inclusion Committee
FAU Department of Urban and Regional Planning

Committee purpose

To increase awareness among faculty, staff, and students regarding issues of diversity, inclusion, and equity and strive to improve diversity and inclusion in all aspects of URP’s activities as well as in our internal and external communications. 

2020-2021 Committee Members

Faculty Members
John Renne (Chair), Eric Dumbaugh, Yanmei Li, Louis Merlin

Student Representative
Trystine Fellmann


Our Diversity and Inclusion Plan
Download Plan

Our plan was developed and adopted in 2019. It provides strategies, outcomes, and performance indicators to address six major goals regarding diversity and inclusion: 

Goal 1: Faculty and Staff Recruitment

Goal 2: Faculty and Staff Retention

Goal 3: Student Recruitment

Goal 4: Student Retention

Goal 5: Curriculum, Outreach, and Research

Goal 6: Inclusive Climate

The plan also includes a number of resources listed in the appendices, such as diversity-related scholarships for students and related grant funding for faculty.

Diversity and Inclusion Climate Survey

In Fall 2020, the committee administered the department’s first annual survey to students, faculty and staff. The survey aimed to:

  1. Assess the department’s overall climate regarding diversity, inclusion, bias, and harassment;
  2. Monitor time trends;
  3. Set action items in response to any identified issues.

Results: Of the 73 respondents, the large majority (over 75%) reported that the department encourages critical thinking and respectful debate, embraces differences in racial/ethnic background, and encourages students to have public voice and share ideas openly. Action items were outlined to address issues that were reported by at least 10% of the respondents (example: at least occasionally experiencing racial/ethnic bias).  Download the survey results.


On September 29, 2020, the committee partnered to produce The Changing Face of Urban Planning and the Need for Just Environments, an online panel discussion and question-and-answer session exploring the nexus of the planning praxis and scholarship with the needs of diverse communities. Learn more.


Reporting Harassment, Discrimination, and Misconduct

Below are resources and methods available for faculty, staff, and students to report harassment, discrimination, and misconduct.

Other Resources

Contact Us

For issues of diversity, inclusion, and equity other than reporting harassment, discrimination, and misconduct, please contact URP’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee (