College of Science Faculty Development

Promotion and Tenure

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Sustained Performance Evaluations

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College Teaching Guidelines

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College Centers Annual Evaluation

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Sabbatical Memo & Application for 2024-2025

Sabbatical Memo for 2024-2025  
Sabbatical Application for 2024-2025  

Master Researcher Program

The College has a Master Researcher Program to provide research mentoring to new faculty in developing research proposals and to become successful researchers. Please contact Warner Miller at for more information.

Master Teacher Program

The College has a Master Teacher Program to provide teaching mentorship to new faculty, instructors and TAs. This program also helps in the development and testing of new teaching technologies. Faculty from all College departments (Full Professor level) are invited to participate in this program and provide formal evaluations for third year reviews and the P&T portfolio.

Current Master Teachers:

  • Mathematics: Erik Lundberg
  • Physics: Theodora Leventouri
  • Psychology: Alan Kersten

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