The Electronic Plan of Study system will be used for Ph.D. students who plan to earn a Master’s degree along the way. Below is an outline of the steps:

In order to process a Master’s-Along-The-Way, we will need to complete and submit the following documents the semester before the student plans to earn their MALW.

  1. Electronic Plan of Study for a Master’s Degree – this must be submitted the semester before the degree is awarded (The student or advisor should note in the note section in the electronic plan of study that the student is earning a Master’s-Along-The-Way)

  2. Application for Degree for Master’s Degree – this is submitted to SE 43, Room 308 the same week the student generates their electronic plan of study. The form should use the semester after the POS is submitted as graduation date (with a post-it stating Master’s-Along-The-Way on the paper form). The form should be signed by both the student and department.

  3. After degree certification is complete and the degree is awarded we follow up with Graduate Admissions if any student record is not turned back to Ph.D. Our Current Semester Enrollment report helps monitor this for us.