Department of Geosciences Welcomes Assistant Professor of Hydrogeology Xiaolang Zhang

August 2023

Xiaolang ZhangI am a hydrogeologist who specializes in the study of surface water-groundwater interactions in a variety of settings, including coastal areas, streams, and saline lakes. Through a combination of field observations, laboratory hydrochemistry measurements, and computer models, I aim to gain a better understanding of how these interactions impact water quality and our surrounding environment. I completed my Ph.D. in Hydrogeology at The University of Hong Kong and Southern University of Science and Technology and hold a B.S. in hydrogeology from China University of Geosciences (Beijing). Following my doctoral degree, I worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Ohio State University.

Now, I have the privilege of being a part of Florida Atlantic University (FAU), an international institution that attracts individuals from all corners of the globe. FAU's commitment to student success and academic excellence in a diverse learning environment aligns with my aspirations for a rewarding career. I am confident that FAU's vibrant academic community will empower me to make valuable contributions in the field of hydrogeology, advancing sustainable water resource management and environmental preservation.