Student Spotlight with Morgan Slevin

Morgan is pursuing his doctorate in Integrative Biology and Neuroscience. Morgan works with Assistant Professor, Rindy Anderson, Ph.D., in the Behavioral Ecology and Bioacoustics Lab.

What are your research interests?

I am interested in behavioral ecology and ornithology. My current project at FAU is aimed at better understanding the relationship between a bird's gut microbiome, its brain, and its overall health. 

What do you like best about being at FAU?

For me, it's personal. I was born on the west coast of Florida and grew up loving the state and its natural side. After working around the country and even in other countries and hemispheres, it's very satisfying to come back to my home state near my family and work with the wildlife here, especially given the fact that my research is aimed at better understanding and improving wild animal health. I feel like my research will be able to give back to my state one day.

What career are you interested in after you graduate?

I'm interested in becoming a research professor after I graduate, but I may shift that goal to leaving academia and working for a non-profit or the government so I can focus more easily on starting a family. As long as I keep getting to do research, and hopefully teach too, I'll be content with my career.