Meet the Research Team! 


Doctoral Students: 


Beth Bowers

Beth is studying the annual migration of blacktip sharks along the eastern seaboard of the United States. She employs conventional tagging, acoustic telemetry, and modeling to examine these long distance movements.


Jackson Bialek

Jackson is studying the habitat overlap of blacktip sharks and their predators, the great hammerheads. He employs satellite tagging to quantify their activity space and environmental parameters that correlate with their movements.

Master's Students:

Caroline Sullivan

Caroline is testing the hearing capabilities of blacktip sharks in the field. She employs an aerial drone to quantify the distance from which sharks detect and respond to a variety of low frequency sounds.

Celia Buzby

Celia is testing the efficacy of a magnetic shark deterrent device for use in recreational fisheries. This should allow fishermen to catch their target teleost species without their fish being consumed by sharks.


Undergraduate Students:

Genevieve Sylvester

Genevieve is examining the head morphology of the great hammerhead shark. She is preparing mounts of the chondrocranium from various specimens. She also assists with field work including shark tagging.



Gretchen Arndt