Electrocardiogram (EKG-12 Leads) Technician Course

Interested in working in the health care field?

This course will prepare you to work as an EKG technician in hospitals, clinics, doctor's offices and other health care facilities.  After completing this course you will be able to analyze cardiac rhythms and 12 lead EKGs.  

Course Information

This comprehensive 30 hour EKG technician course prepares students to function as EKG and Monitor technicians.

Upon successful completion of this course, an FAU Continuing Education Certificate of completion will be presented to each student. No previous healthcare experience is needed for this course.

Course Topics

  • Introduction to cardiac medical terminology
  • Care and safety of patients, medical and legal aspects.
  • Anatomy of the heart, conduction system, circulation system 
  • Electrical conduction system of the heart 
  • Cardiac cycle
  • EKG strip analysis (P, QRS, T)
  • EKG rhythms analysis
  • 12 lead EKG placement
  • Basic understanding of 12-lead EKGs
  • Holter monitoring lead placement 
  • The basics of stress testing
  • Understanding the role of the EKG and Monitoring Technician

Fall 2023

Class meets in person on Boca campus Monday and online via Zoom on Wednesday, 5:00pm-9:00pm

  • Monday October 30th
  • Wednesday November 1st
  • Monday November 6th
  • Wednesday November 8th
  • Monday November 13th
  • Wednesday November 15th
  • Monday November 20th
  • Wednesday November 22nd
  • Monday November 27th
  • Wednesday November 29th

Registration and Course Fees

If FAU students would like to take both EKG and CNA we are offering a special price of $575 for both (spring semester only).

FAU students $350.00 (Must have an FAU Z Number and FAU E-mail)

Non-FAU students $575.00 (Must have a state identification.

Clinical rotations are an OPTIONAL part of the course. Currently, clinical rotations with the hospital are on HOLD due to the pandemic.

For more information please email ekg@fau.edu or call Tel: (561) 297-3307

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Refund Policy for Continuing education Course.

Once the class starts we are not able to provide a refund. However, prior to the start of class a 20% fee will be charged for processing and university fee.