FAU's COCE Receives Excellence and Innovation in Online Teaching Award

coce innovation in teaching

FAU’s Center for Online and Continuing Education (COCE) has been selected as the recipient of the Online Learning Consortium Accelerate 2021 Excellence and Innovation in Online Teaching Award for the development of online science labs in collaboration with faculty from the Charles E. Schmidt College of Science. The award submission focused on the innovative use of technology and effective online pedagogy in the development of interactive and immersive online science labs. Read more.

New Faculty Spotlight: Protecting Your Messages

shi bai math spotlight

Shi Bai, Ph.D., an assistant professor in the Department of Mathematical Sciences, is working on a mathematical method, called lattice-based cryptographic systems, which is the use of mathematical equations to protect the security of messages. The race is on to build better cybersecurity to combat the looming threat of quantum computers and their ability to crack encrypted data. Read more.

Celebrating Fintastic Fish: Day Commemorates Research and Conservation of 500 Sharks

shark aware

We are celebrating shark awareness to commemorate research and conservation of 500 unique species of sharks. Learn about these important ocean predators and scientists from the Schmidt College of Science studying everything from how they swim to migration patterns. Read more.

Boca Magazine Features Scientist Colin Polsky

polsky boca mag

Professor and director of FAU’s Center for Environmental Studies, Colin Polsky, Ph.D., was featured in Boca Magazine’s Winds of Change article to discuss the challenges that South Florida faces on the front lines of the global climate crisis. Read more.

Gut Feelings: Researchers Gain Insight into the Gut Microbiome of Birds

bird gut study

In a recent study, Morgan Slevin, lead and corresponding author and an FAU doctoral student in integrative biology and neuroscience, studied the gut microbiota in relation to cognitive performance in 38 zebra finches to determine how the gut microbiome affects the brain and decision making. Read more.

True Grit? Doesn’t Matter for Resistance Training in Men or Women

back squat true grit news desk

Researchers from the Department of Exercise Science and Health Promotion are the first to examine the relationship between grit and a muscular endurance performance task – specifically, the grueling back squat. Read more.

Socializing ‘Sweet Spot’: Prescription for Healthy Older Brains is Improving Social Engagement


Emmanuelle Tognoli, Ph.D, a research professor in the Charles E. Schmidt College of Science, is part of a team of FAU researchers that were awarded a $675,000 grant to design experiences, or mathematical model, that give older adults a chance to form meaningful social interactions while aiding for age-related impairments. Read more.

GEOPATHS Inspirational Summer Program


A select group of Palm Beach State College students are learning about the high impact practices and cutting edge techniques used by geoscientists at the GEOPATHS Inspirational Summer Program that took place in June. The National Science Foundation funded program provides experience flying professional drones, perform mapping of coastal geomorphology, and much more. Read more.

Language Trade-off? No, Bilingual Children Acquire English by Age 5

bilingual study

A first-of-its kind study in U.S.-born children from Spanish-speaking families finds that minority language exposure does not threaten the acquisition of English by children in the U.S. and that there is no trade-off between English and Spanish. The study was led by lead author Erika Hoff, Ph.D., a professor in the Department of Psychology. Read more.

2021 Three Minute Thesis Championship Runner-Up Winner Claudius Osei

Watch 2021 Three Minute Thesis (3MT) Championship Runner-Up, Claudius Osei, present "Embodied Cognition: How Cognitive Behavior is Not Solely a Construct of the Brain But Involves the Entire Body.” Claudius was awarded $1,500 as the 3MT Championship Runner-Up winner, and is a Ph.D. student in experimental psychology. Learn more about the FAU 3MT Competition.

Alumnus Chris Ruden Featured on Good Morning America

chris ruden

Chris Ruden, an alumnus of the Exercise Science and Health Promotion program , and amputee powerlifter, entrepreneur and motivational speaker, was interviewed on Good Morning America about turning adversity into an advantage. Watch here.

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