Charles E. Schmidt College of Science Internship Opportunities

Graduate Assistantships, including Research Assistantships and Graduate Teaching Assistantships are one way for graduate students to finance their educational studies at Florida Atlantic University. Assistantships are intended to attract high-quality, degree seeking students and provide them with professional experiences while at FAU that will prepare them for their future work.

The process of obtaining an assistantship is competitive. Assistantships are available in many academic departments and administrative offices, although availability varies by the field of study, type of degree, and degree level. Students interested in applying for an assistantship should contact their graduate programs directly. 

Current opportunities are listed below. For more information, visit the Graduate College.

Center for Environmental Studies

Dr. Colin Polsky, Director of FAU’s Center for Environmental Studies, has an opening for one or more Ph.D. students to serve in a Research Assistant role starting fall semester 2015. This NSF project examines how people and societies adapt to changing environmental conditions. Skills in quantitative and qualitative reasoning are needed. A background in both social science and natural science is helpful. Contact Dr. Polsky at (Posted January 2015)

Math Labs

The Math Labs are looking for undergraduate math lab tutors for the fall semester. A minimum GPA of a 3.0 is required along with an assessment in the area in which you will be tutoring. Any further questions, please contact Sonia Kimbrough, Math Lab Coordinator at

The Math Learning Center

The Math Learning Center is hiring undergraduate tutors. Tutors must do well on an exam in the topic they wish to tutor to gain an interview. We will hire in only the Spring and Fall semesters, not the summer. Any further questions, please contact Brittanney Amento, Assistant Director Math Learning Center and eTutoring at

Science Internship Course

Charles E. Schmidt College of Science partnering with the FAU Career Center will continue to offer the Science Internship Course. Registration is open for summer and fall 2019. Requirements for this course are as follows: must be a JUNIOR or SENIOR in class standing and have a  3.0 GPA or above . If you are interested in getting more information about this opportunity, please schedule an appointment with your Science Career Liaison: Ella Tepper Feliciano, . Internships lead to jobs and career readiness!

Organizations Offering Internships

Drug Enforcement Agency
A Federal Law Enforcement Agency. Some of our fields we are seeking applicants for internships include Human Resources, Finance and Acquisition, Attorney, Intelligence Research, Diversion Investigator, Chemist, and Special Agent. Other degree fields could be considered. (Find out more here )

Criswell Farm and Market
Opportunities related to Urban farming; urban ecology, and research

USDA ARS Invasive Plant Research Lab
Opportunities: working in a lab with biocontrol insects and host plants

Broward County Parks 
Opportunities in environmental science and natural resources

Urban Farming Institute
Opportunities in urban farming, community gardening, urban beekeeping, and education

Palm Beach Zoo
Opportunities in animal care

Boca Raton Children’s Museum
Opportunities in STEM projects for museum, tutoring, and teaching