July 28, 2020

Protecting South Florida: A Discussion of Sea Level Rise, Property and Regional Planning, aims to help local governments protect the region’s real property, valued at more than $833 billion.

Responding to Sea-Level Rise
February 03, 2020

The measurable changes in sea-level rise – and the scientific projections of its increase within the next 30 years – present immense challenges to our notions of living and continuing to develop in South Florida’s flood...

New App to Identify Cheaper, Easier Commuting Options
January 29, 2020

Florida Atlantic University wants to make it easier for students to get to and from campus.

2017 FAU Incubator for Sustainable & Resilient Communities
July 27, 2017

On April 25-26, 2017 CUES partnered with FAU’s Center for Environmental Studies (CES) to offer the inaugural FAU Incubator for Sustainable & Resilient Communities.